Routebouwers Boulder


Lijst van gecertificeerde  routebouwers CRB level1:


Jelle Bongaerts:
Ervaring: 2 jaar

Comfort niveau : 7A

Stijl: dynamic  burly moves, deadpointing on steep terrain, and sticking to the wall on tiny crimps.

contact: / 0471031452
Btw: BE0534561456

Nataleigh Bell:

Ervaring: 10 jaar

Stijl:  I try to prefer all styles if i am honest! but i really enjoy subtle, off balance moves. 


Jan De Smit:

Ervaring: 25 years as a commercial setter, 15 years as a competition setter. 

Stijl: No teacher, no guru, no method.



Arno Luypaert

Ervaring: 2 jaar

Comfort niveau 7c
Stijl: technical, crimpy
contact Arno Luypaert

gsm: +0471 38 33 09

Tom De Vis

Ervaring: 2 jaar

Comfort niveau: 7A
Stijl: like all kind of styles, but prefer controlled and crimpy moves the most.

gsm: +32 495 83 54 11

Btw: BE 0896.755.397